Monday, February 7, 2011

Valentines Week: Make A List: The V-Day rules.

I didn't forget Monday's list.
I just thought I'd warm you up with some hearts and a stellar red dress.

Things you should NOT do on Valentines day...

1. Break up with someone
really you couldn't wait for any other day?

2. Eat a pint of anything alone

3. Watch depressing movies

4. buy fake roses for anyone...
or if you really want my opinion... maybe find a bouquet of more original, colorful flowers instead of the marked-up baby's breath and red rose bouquet unless your someone is into that...

5. Take the opportunity to ponder all the loss in your life

Things you SHOULD do on Valentines day....

1. Give a gift to an unsuspecting individual

2. make something hand made

3. forgive someone

4. bake

5. send a love note

Can you tell I've had a lot of bad Valentines days?

You don't have to be in love to do something special for someone.

Here's a story about that...

One time I was at the fresh market, feeling depressed in college and I saw all these delightful little treats beaming behind the delicatessen case. I felt really inclined in my heart to purchase them for a gift for someone, but I didn't really know who... So in faith, I made a little pastry box and marveled at it on my drive to my tiny little apartment.

Previous to this drive, I had taken notice of an adorable, toothless old man who used to roam the streets of Greensboro in the same plaid shirt and overalls. He collected cans in a bag all day long to recycle for money. I always wanted to talk to him but he seemed to be so far from me every time I tried.

Back to the story, I was driving to my apartment, feeling lonely but also a little inspired by the glow of cherry tarts and chocolate eclairs riding in the passenger side. And suddenly I saw him, the sweet old can-man hobbling with his bag of metal delight. And immediately I pulled over- feeling the rush of knowing- and I said, "Hey, would you like some treats?" And he looked at the little box and I will never forget his little eyes, he said, "oooooooo" with his little mouth. And smiled and then he kept walking down the sidewalk staring into the box of goodies with a half-moon smile.

And I felt satisfied with kindness, enough to not notice my loneliness, knowing there was Someone whispering in my ear to inspire good deeds all over the earth... and we could do that one eclair at a time.


Jess Gatlyn said...

i must be hormonal...or just more tender because i'm a mommy-but i teared up reading this story. <3

Lorni said...

Amen to #4 on the what NOT to do list! :)
and i love that story of the sweet old man.