Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Terrible Surprise.

I have been reading the book, Creative Inc, as I discussed buying in my "Project Book Club" post last week. And to let you know, I tested out my own partnership and I ordered the book through my site, and it was shipped free to my door %30 off the whole price. So that was awesome. You can still order books through the little button the on right.. (Chronicle Books) anytime now for the free shipping and discount. Especially now that I personally know it works)

After reading this book, I realized I have a lot to do with my businesses. Even just as far as legalizing some taxes etc... Being creative for a living doesn't always mean just doing little things you love. There will always be paperwork!

So I decided to begin working on organizing my art studio-office. The heat doesn't circulate well down there so we don't use it as often in the winter. AND BOY DID I FIND A TERRIBLE SURPRISE.

I will spare you of some of the details. But I found out some little mice have been secretly camping out in some obscure places. They are so SNEAKY! I go down there to sew and work on papers and contracts for weddings every once in a while and the room has been pretty clean, but I moved a piece of furniture to sweep.............. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek.

My daughter also has not been feeling well and been extremely fussy and clingy. AND of course my husband is on the road so it's just us and Huckabee. (who is no help in this situation since he's been apparently cuddling with the mice) SO... what did I do?

I put on my cape and gloves, got to work, cleaned the whole room while my daugher glee-fully rode on my back.

Just kidding.

I had a breakdown. The little mice and the crying baby just send me into complete melt mode, and when the melt began, everything started to melt. After reading this book- which is so AWESOME for creative business owners, ironically, I just felt like giving it all up. Giving up being a freelancer, giving up my projects, giving up being a wife...

I found this poster, in my web-browsing attempt to numb my mind during Isabel's nap.

So today, what scares me, is not some bold career move, or awesome unobtainable project. I'm not ready to face my fears and rejections... but what I will face is a terrifying mess that someone's got to take care of. And then later, maybe later, I will sit down and work on facing some other things that scare me.


jessie mathis said...

just breathe. you are brave. you will be ok. i promise. i am proud to know you. and proud that you are my friend. let's tackle scary things together. starting with those cute little bastards that chewed into your couch...

Kara said...

Mice, ugh I'm sorry. Don't let the small distractions steal your passion and joy. You're so talented and there is much more in store for you!
Lots of love.