Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspired by: Kevin Dart Cuz I'm going to San fran...

So I love this poster and I love this artist! But there's a special reason why I love it today...
I'm going to San Francisco tomorrow!!!

That's right, me and a few girls are packing our bags, kissing our babies heads and getting on a plane for 4 glorious home-free days! I can't wait!!!

But don't worry the blog will still be up and running unless there's a glitch!

So look for some fun posts about a little girl adventure to the sweet bay city coming soon!

And since we're all about Kevin Dart's art today... look at this adorable save the date he made for him and his (now) wife's museum wedding! Adorable.

Art by: Kevin Dart


Kara said...

I love that poster. And I am jealous of your trip! have a great time.

Kristy said...

Love that style!