Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentines Week: Chocolate Inspiration

So I told you I would share some of my Valentine stories... well here's a funny one.

When I lived in a dorm as a college freshmen, I was determined not to be lonely on Valentines Day and spread cheer to the masses.

So what did I do? I baked a lot of double chocolate cupcakes, iced and ready to give to the lonely campus dwellers.

If you've been in a dorm you know space is limited and you don't have a kitchen to yourself. So I began stacking cupcakes on the window seals and desktops of me and my poor roommate's room.

Well Valentines came and went while I unraveled a cupcake or two and ate them on my bunk bed. I got too nervous and thought about how people might think it was weird to give them a cupcake when I didn't know them... so they sat on the window seals until they were hardened and eventually thrown away!

Can you believe that! My timidity caused such a waste, and how nice is it to get a cupcake from a stranger (in the right circumstances).

So this year, don't be afraid, Give a cupcake!

Some other beautiful treats to inspire the baker in you!


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Anonymous said...

I've had those chocolate from the top! They're from this amazing place in London, I can't remember what it's called, but they're the most delicious, interesting flavour combinations you could ever imagine, like lemon and thyme, earl delish.

anna naphtali said...

Ohman great smitten I want to come visit you! We were considering a trip in May, but I realized you and yours will be here!!! Can I see you then?