Sunday, February 6, 2011

Superbowl: Party for 2

So my husband came home from a trip feeling way under the weather. So we decided not to grace any Superbowl parties. I wanted him to feel a little Superbowlie so I made a little party for 2.5!

I made up a new recipe for fried chicken after running out of an ingredient and improvising. I'm so impressed, I'm going to try this again, perfect the recipe and let you know the secret.

Chips, Vegetables and Chili-cheese dip & Spinach dip.

I might have enjoyed my little party more than a big one!
Oh no, am I turning into a hermit?


Kristina said...

we had a party for two as well! I had the very same "hermit" thought cause I enjoyed it so much.

anna naphtali said...

I know right! I think sometimes I just get so tired of packing up the car and going places, these days I like being home a little too much! :)