Monday, January 31, 2011

Make a List: Monday:

I still love Michael Scott, even after all this time...

Make a List Monday...

Wishes & Desired Accomplishments
(10 of the many)

No pressure, no time-limits, no hurry...

1. Personally set free young trafficked girls.
and see this practice abolished.

2. Rid criticism from my mind. (and mouth)

3. See my daughter become an intelligent, graceful, strong, loving woman who makes good decisions.

4. Be in love with my husband at an old age.

5. Be a successful, creative business woman.

6. Own a shop with a big store-front window.
and live upstairs...

7. Record an album.

8. Write a book.

9. Win an HGTV home....

10. Live fearlessly again.

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