Monday, January 24, 2011

Make a List: Monday: Pet Peeves

Make-a-list Monday!!!

Today's list: Pet Peeves
In no particular order...

1. when people don't put pictures of their spouse on facebook.

2. public restrooms that you have to turn the door handle to get out of...
I just washed my hands, why would I want to touch the door handle?

3. baby religion

4. unsolicited opinionated experts

5. after purchasing an Apple product and finding out the newer, better version with a USB port and G4 networking is now available.

6. posted photographs with no source!!

7. when the ladies at Zumba try to box you out of your space.
(if you've been to this class... you know what I'm talking about, they are aggressive at the Siskey YMCA)

8. overuse of the word organic.

9. people who think the way they gave birth is the only way to go...

10. the squeaky feeling of glasses out of the dishwasher

10.5 The word "peeve"- it's so gross sounding! :)

Happy Monday.

What are your, ahem, pet peeves?

disclaimer: this is in no way meant to be mean-spirited or harmful
and if you don't have a picture of your husband or wife on your facebook: go put one up and be proud of it.


jessie mathis said...

my pet peeves:

1) wet socks

2) parking lots full of inconsiderate people

3) inconsiderate people

4) baby religion

5) lying

6) cell phone bills: it's just un-american!

7) fingernails on the chalkboard...eeeee!

8) miscommunications

9) when my husband uses my towel

10) the United States healthcare system -blergh-

anna naphtali said...

oh yes... parking-lot people, healthcare & miscommunications... errrrrr.

kittymclewin said...

1) biting into a banana that looks yellow but is really completely underripe!

2) forgetting one important item at the store and having to go back for it later

3)getting a RedBox "free video" code, driving all the way there to redeem it and have it not work.

4) missing the previews at a movie showing.

5)walking past anyone not wearing deoderant...(i will freakin buy it for any single human who can't afford it!)



6)bending over to pick up something and dropping it repeatedly.

p.s. what is "baby religion?"

anna naphtali said...

I hate missing the previews!!!! Baby Religion is kind of a little joke, but it's when people are so obsessed with having babies a certain way, and raising them a certain way where it's almost a religion. I didn't know about this until I had a baby!

Kara said...

Agree with baby religion and would also add labor religion ;)

My pet peeves:
People who slow down on while getting onto the highway (dangerous)
Unsolicited advice from self proclaimed experts
People who tell me I'm going to get pregnant after we adopt (as though they have a cause/effect relationship)
Boob Nazis
When I sit down and my pants go up in the front too high but they're too low in the back
Clammy hands
Overhead lighting
The overuse of "BFF"