Tuesday, January 25, 2011

French Week: Inspired By, Paris.

It's French Week!!!

First, let's start the day with one of my favorite French things... Pain Au Chocolat.

Today's post is a blast from the past, in a place called Paris. About 2 years ago Mister H and I went to France for a quick trip, and since it's French Week on The Colorful Living Project I thought I'd share a little.

Royal Chair

A walk in the maze.

i came across a beautiful pony

my Frenchie


Jess Gatlyn said...

droooooool.... SO dang cool. first, i love this french week segment. second i LOVE seeing the pics from your trip you hot momma you.

Lorni said...

Oh man love this! and I've been hit by the travel bug now. David and I went to France in college but we are dying to go back soon. You look amazing in this pictures! love the one of you in the maze

Gillian said...

Gorgeous photos! In Paris, I felt free to show love and kiss on street corners. There's something dirty/pretty about the place. One of my very favorite French films, Breathless, captures my sentiment perfectly! I'm excited for more French posts!

jessie mathis said...

je suis parti mon coeur à Paris. translation "i left my heart in Paris". seriously these photos just made my mouth water. our first night in Paris we were still jet-lagged and neither of us had a watch, so we ended up staying out until 3:00am walking the Seine, dancing under the Eiffel Tower, kissing on random bridges, riding ferris wheels and eating pizza & crepes while a Brazilian soccer team serenaded us with Bob Marley songs beneath our hotel room balcony. *sigh*

Kara said...

You and your hubs look like models. I love that dress in the B&W pic. This is so inspiring to me.

Kristina said...

Miss Anna, you are beautiful.

My heart yearns to visit France, loving "French week!"