Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Miriam: A City Bride

Well, amidst all my creative endeavors I'm officially in the middle of my wedding season. I've got brides and grooms coming out my ears! And I love it! So buckle your wedding seatbelt, because I'm an editing machine and the pictures aren't stoppin'!

This is Miriam. Miriam is a classy kind of girl, with a traditional designer side. Miriam and I tried to schedule these portraits in the middle of toasty July and for some reason the rain kept coming on our day. Finally we snuck these in between downpours, and she looks elegant as ever. (I, on the other hand was a soaking wet, sweaty mess taking these in July.) but it was all worth it.

Miriam's designer wedding, literally at the South End design center downtown is coming up in a few weeks, I can't wait!

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Sallie Mosely said...

how lovely Anna! the second pic (the single one) is my favorite. oh how sweet it is to have a lovely bride in a lovely setting. :0) I'm looking forward to seeing the wedding pics.