Friday, July 31, 2009

Baby Brother and Baby Cakes....

This is my little brother Ben. (right) 

When he's not playing drums for the band Werewolves
he's working for NYC bakery, Babycakes

They are a popular vegan sweets shop in New York, NY, and because I'm proud of my little bro, I thought I'd just post a little blog about him. Jennifer Aniston came in the shop the other week, but you'll never guess who came in recently... My heart pitter-patters thinking about it. (no it's not Rob Pattinson) but MARTHA! My little brother met Martha Stewart and I wish I was there to sneak in her handbag. (not to steal, but to go home and see her creative palace.) 

Here's the founder of Babycakse with Tom Colicchio (another one of my favorites- judge of Top Chef)

This is their little storefront. That's all. Just telling you about Martha and my bro. 
P.S. you can order cakes online if you feel so inclined. :)

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