Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Blue Alice shoot...

Hello everyone. I am pretty excited about what I'm working on during this tired week! Between my wedding rush I decided to begin a fine arts shoot that will eventually turn into a series I have in the works. While I'm working out the kinks in photoshop, this test shoot turned out WONDERfully. (did you get that pun? you will...) My good friend Sarah modeled for me in these pictures. The goal was to create a storybook character feel with an updated slightly avant-garde fashion. (leaning on master photographer, Annie Leibovitz for inspiration) I made this outfit out of an old prom dress, a second-hand top and an Urban belt.

This is my nouveau inspired Alice in Wonderland... played by the beautiful Sarah Dawn and her new anthropologie tea cups!! (that we ran out and got the day before, for her new kitchen, but just happen to work nicely for the shoot, you know how I feel about tea...).

The next three are 3 different versions of the same photo using different filters and editing technics. They were all so beautiful I couldn't pick just one to present.

This could be one of my favorites...

These are a bit old fashion style editing. I think I'm liking them alot.

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mona. said...

wow, fantastico.