Thursday, July 16, 2009

Abi & Evan... having a baby in style.

Remember Abi & Evan? The adorable, creative couple who had a European wedding by the lake? Well if you didn't catch their wedding pictures, it's worth a look, but today I am doing a little blog on them because you might be interested on what they've been up to since!

First, Abi is having a baby! And I HAD to show you their cute little nursery. The theme is "woodland creatures". All the colors are natural with touches of elements from outside! They have a real bee hive mobile with little birds everywhere.

Evan painted the little guy in the left corner that is unseen (it's a raccoon holding a bag of rubies...) and the the tree scene on the right wall. Abi wallpapered the dresser with this organic looking tree paper... I love it!!

Hootie owls and moccasins for their little girl. A stray from pink and blue, another thing I love!

I sneaked a picture of a few other things while I was there... The right is Evan's art on the wall, the left is Abi and Evan's workstation room... which is the next thing I'm coming to.

Because I love when people do original things I just had to show you the creative little room baby Deserosia will live in... BUT that's not all Abi has been up to since her fabulous wedding... after you've admired the cutest little organic nursery... stay tuned for Abi's new venture as a clothing designer, up next.


Devin and Callie said...

They have a beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

Carolyn Clark said...

Completely in love with this!