Monday, July 20, 2009

Rubee Handmade

I really believe in people launching independent businesses with their creative talents, so I'm really excited about this story. As you may know, Abi made her dress for her wedding by hand, and since then, has been making many other things by hand. She is an incredible designer and is starting a clothing line, which right now consists of old-fashion style skirts with a modern twist, and the cutest little baby girl clothes I've ever seen! She hasn't posted her Etsy store yet, but I'm giving you a sneak chance to see her goods! I will let you know when the store is up and running.

If you want to purchase any of these items. Send me an email:, they are totally for sale. :) All sizes range between 24-26 waist size but many are adjustable. The fit is high waste and very cute. (I tried them on.) If you see one that you like she can also make you one in a different size the same or very similar (depending if the fabric is one-of-a-kind vintage).

Lou-Ann skirt {50.00}

Thelma Skirt {60.00}

Abigail Skirt {60.00} (can be worn pregnant or not-pregnant.) I want one when it's my turn.

White Ruby Jumper

Isn't this the cutest tiny skirt!!!

Ruby skirt

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