Friday, August 28, 2009

The Last Summer 09 Wedding! Alexandria & Matt, South End Charlotte

Good day to you. Well, I have finally finished my summer weddings... and this is the last one!
As September is approaching (this week, eek!) I am gearing up for fall weddings in some really beautiful locations, I can't wait! ... Also coming soon on the blog are some house projects, art shows, a beautifully different bride-to-be shoot and so much more...

Also, if you are considering booking a family fall shoot, Christmas card shoot, or Wedding for next year, don't wait, my dates are filling up fast! :)

Back to business.
Remember Alexandria and Matt and their cute engagement session?

Now here's their wedding!

Alexandria and Matt started the day with a beautiful Catholic ceremony in Lake Wylie.

This was an odd back-up photo that was underexposed, but when I added the blue tones I decided I really liked this picture.

Remember the old dress blog I did a week back? The story is that Alexandria's grandmother wore the dress over 50 years ago. Then the bride had it altered into a beautiful modern cut of the same dress. In this picture below the grandmother is seeing the dress for the first time. There were some tears as grandmother passed on her dress to grand-daughter! Such a sweet moment! I love grandmothers.

I realize it has become the "thing" to do jumping wedding party pictures... but sometimes they're just so cute.


There's something so old-fashion about being in the back seat of a nice car.

jumping again. i couldn't help myself, but it's rare that a bride will jump in her dress...

These were hand-made wedding cookies made by a family member of the groom's; each little treat she made was exquisite.

This part of the Design Center is called Byron's South End. I like this room, it's so urban and sophisticated.

Congratulations!!! Matt and Alexandria!

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