Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Sentimental Moment and A lot of Free Music.

Sometimes I'm just feeling a little sentimental and today is one of those days. Then, during my moment I stumbled across a new secret release EP that you can listen to for free. And then I re-discovered a CD that I really love. So I thought I'd just share a little music from one of my favorites in case you want something new playing today.

Sometimes a little folksie music just makes your day better, especially when you want to fall in love, or daydream riding in a car with the windows rolled down. That's what I feel like when I listen to this music. - That or hiding in a cabin somewhere and watching the leaves fall while I sit under the covers pondering all the love lost and gained. I told you I was sentimental today. My favorites on "We both was young" is Love in the After Life, I am the deep blue sea, We will Fall in Love, Your Eyes... pretty much the whole CD.

To listen to "We Both Was Young," or the new EP Release "Secret in this Town" (which I haven't listened to long enough to pick a favorite yet.) See Mark Mathis.

And to feel sentimental in a different way and a little electronically encouraged... here's another wonderful favorite that just came out yesterday; Imogene Heap!!!! If you're not sure if you want to purchase the CD, you can listen to it free, through Sound Cloud, for a period of time. It's a good day for free music!!! :) (But you'll have to turn off my music player at the bottom of the screen to enjoy the new Imogene.)

I love First Train Home.... and I love free things.

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