Friday, August 7, 2009

Miriam and Daniel: South End Wedding: Tradition & Science!

Happy Monday! Here's another wedding to look at!

There were a lot of special things about Miriam and Daniel's wedding. The first one, is that they were married in the same church that Miriam's parents were married in! Sweet! And after a ceremony in a Traditional Lutheran Church, they moved the party to South End Charlotte.

Because Daniel is a genius... (really he works in D.C. doing technological things with microchips and stuff. ;) ) Miriam sent a little rubix cube down to Daniel and the boys with a sweet note before the wedding. The idea was for him to "have something to do" while he was waiting. I thought this was so cute, and literally like minutes later, he was finished with his little prize.

I love this photo, I over-exposed the light in-camera and then heightened the contrast and filter in-computer so it would look almost like her dress blended with the light, I love it in this Sepia tone.

Three sisters! One of my favorite parts of the day was watching the three sisters interact. Maybe because I grew up with ONLY boys in the house, I have a deep appreciation for sisters, and loved watching their funny dynamic on this day. (they all have the same perfect smile)

Little flower angel. So sweet.

This is one of my favorite group shots so far...
My assistant, Jessica Keener took this photo because she loved the girls different shoes. Adorable. Good shot Jessica!
Bridesmaids "cheers-ing" to all their hard work being over! :)

The reception was at the "Design Center"... a really cool location.

I LOVE these dancing pictures!

Their goodbye looks like its' snowing in Narnia! What a perfect day!

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Yay Anna! Every photo is more beautiful than the last...