Sunday, August 16, 2009

An old Dress and the Sunday Blues.

It's a stormy Sunday today and I'm not supposed to be working, but sometimes editing photos under the covers while the thunder is rumbling isn't so bad. (and I already have a photo shoot later this afternoon so sometimes it's just not a day off)
On this Sunday I'm also taking this opportunity to share a little more music with you. One of my friends and fellow-blog followers, mentioned that she likes to turn on my blog at work and listen to my playlist, and I thought I better add some tunes so she's not bored at work! :) So here's a little more blues, jazz, some indie and my favorite party-fun music, Pink Martini.

Even though I have Part 2 of Stephen and Cincy's wedding coming up, I thought in light of my mood today I'd give you a little sneak of my shoot yesterday. This Dress is special because it was worn over 50 years ago; recreated, steamed and worn again yesterday... such a special story... more on the dress and the ladies who wore it, coming soon.... Until then, I had a little color-fun filtering these pics.

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Marlise Newman said...

anna, these dress photos are worthy of artistic exhibition...think about it!
Marlise, the art director (no one has to know I'm your Mom...)