Friday, November 11, 2011

New Cranberry Recipe

Let the Thanksgiving festivities begin! I went to my first Thankful event with a BUNCH of girls recently and I signed up to bring cranberry sauce. But I didn't want to bring a can of cranberries and call it a day. So I thought about food pairs that would be delicious with cranberry and experimented with the herbs in my garden... so I came up with this recipe! (and it was delicious)

To make this recipe... (or a variant)

1 can of cranberry sauce (the gelatin kind)
1 jar of whole cranberry sauce (with real, whole cranberries) - i used Trader Joes
flesh & juice of one orange
zest of one orange
chiffonade of fresh basil & mint
1 cup (or so) of red wine, (not a light cooking wine, make sure it's a deep red... I used merlot)

mix and refrigerate 


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