Sunday, November 13, 2011

Inspired By: 50's Style

photograph: From Me to You
style: Asos

My husband's grandmother gave me a bunch of sweaters and hats recently... and I love them! He says they are the best looking ones I have! I really love the timeless style of a classy lady- so I'm getting more into that era these days. Even though I enjoy wearing messy hair and yoga pants, sometimes I wish girls still curled their hair and never left the house without makeup- just for the girliness of it. Maybe one of my new year's revolutions can be to dress better and do my hair! This picture is a little inspiration.

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Unknown said...

I love this inspirational photo. Is that you? Gorgeous! I am such a classic film fan and envy the women of the classic era the class and elegance they exuded on and off screen. I second the resolution to embrace the girly class that we are so entitled to. Great post!