Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life Looks


This was a scene for a commercial shot in my bedroom.

I witnessed a live "Raid" from the Police task force for a show I photographed, called, "Tainted Love." Even though it was staged, it was still fun/scary to be on the other side of the door when they come busting in. I have a lot more respect for armed forces of any kind that are fighting for something good. This show is all about human trafficking, the social justice issue I am most passionate about. I am excited for the show to air in the Spring. I really hope this issue provokes a movement of real change- it's so sickening the reality of it.

Here I was in the Crosby Street Hotel at a shoot in Soho, NY and I was photographing the paparazzi below, who were avidly waiting for Sophia Coppola to come out of the hotel. They were so sneaky, lined up down the street and in the cars you see.


cupcakes. (i've eaten a lot of them lately)
perks of the job: I love when I photograph a wedding and get to take home flowers, cake or party supplies! :)

Dress Up!
 Indian & friends... 

baby gypsy.

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