Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Mountain Thanksgiving

the girls.
doesn't my husband's haircut look nice? (i cut it, don't look close)
uncle John in the kitchen (always)
feeding the horses
the twins

I have a pretty huge extended family. We had 40 people at our Thanksgiving and that wasn't even half of them! We also had sweet family friends join as well, (you can't miss them- the beautiful ginger family seen above) I loved this Thanksgiving. Food, children, horses, fresh air, relaxing, walking... it was so wonderful. Here are some shots of mostly the kids and a quick family photo portrait session for a few of my cousins, and of course lots of my little Isabel. 

This year we had a buttermilk herb turkey & a brown sugar, garlic brined turkey. I made a stilton-cranberry, apple, roasted walnut salad (with homemade dressing) as seen above.

My grandparents The Bizzells live on the top of a mountain called, Apple Hill.. with rolling apple orchards, a lodge, a few cabins, a guest house and lots of dogs, horses and deer hanging around. I like to pretend I live on a farm when I'm there... I can't wait to go back for Christmas and this time my brothers and more cousins will be there! I really love my grandparents, they are the most special in the world, I am so thankful for my bright, colorful family this year!


Kristina said...'s so beautiful there.You, Josh, and Isa all look like models in that picture!

Abi said...

These photos are so so sad I missed it! I'll see you at Christmas! love

Terry said...

luv these Anna, I need you to shoot some pics of my girls one day soon!

Anonymous said...

Hoping we can get there at Christmas! Miss you guys! The pictures are beautiful! Love , Ashley

Anonymous said...

Does that 'ginger family' have a blog?