Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A trip to Serenbe

Many of you know recently I was in the Chattahoochee Hills of Georgia at a Once Wed-Jose Villa workshop. I can't even begin to describe the personal inspiration and wonder I experienced on this trip.

The word "workshop" sound so boring, like classes and demos... but this experience was far from anything I imagined. One of the other photographers said it was like stepping into a magazine from the moment of arrival, and I literally did not step out of it until I was well on I-85 driving back home the day after everything ended. 

One of the first things that I loved was the location Joy & Emily picked to host this event. I had butterflies of wonder and excitement the moment I got there. I had my own cute little apartment all to myself, above a bikeshop and an art gallery. But before I get into the actual workshop, let me set the scene a little for you. 

Serenbe is an incredible community that seems to be in the middle of nowhere. There is a farm, farmhouse, inn, cabins, little neighborhoods tucked in with a tiny downtown with cute shops, the town bakery, featured above, where I got that precious little candied bacon cupcake- which was AMAZING!

This little utopia world has been in almost every major home, garden, living magazine and feels a little bit like Stepford Wives meets the Truman show. 
(but not in the creepy way, just the strangely perfect way)

It's so amazing there is a section of the town with "Edible landscaping" meaning you can go for a walk and pick from the fruit trees that line the street as you go. I had to check this out on my last day, and it was exactly that. Mainly blueberries were in season and I filled a bag full of berries and made a pie several days later with my blueberry loot.

 I had the best food, definitely the best lamb of my life at their downtown restaurant which is pretty much a farm to table restaurant, as they get everything they can from the local farm on site. When you eat like that I think to myself, "oh this is what food tastes like." I even had a new vegetable, roasted romanesco and it was out of this world! It's the alien looking veggie featured. So today is just a few pictures to begin this little journey through Serenbe and my photography/stylist adventures. Stay tuned for the next bit... I promise you'll love it.

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Lorni said...

Looks and sounds amazing! Can't wait to see the rest