Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Once Wed evening

As I mentioned before, I got a sweet little place called, "the sparrow" to stay in on this trip. You can see a little bit of it above. When I arrived there was a little Etsy painting and paloma's nest bracelet with some nice little notes and information waiting for me. I was so excited, and baby-husband free, that I might have had a tear or two in my eyes when I got there. ok that might be dramatic, but it's been a hard year. I am someone who feels loved by hospitality and designer details- it speaks all my languages and senses, so this trip was like an open door to my heaven. OK, I am being real dramatic now! But I really felt this deep, it was just what I needed to be re-inspired.

We were surprised the first night with a cooking demo by a personal chef. Which I was inwardly squealing with delight about. We had an activity to create your own canape using any of the ingredients set out to explore our creative food pairing skills. Which I also secretly took very seriously. 

Growing up with a Southern Chef grandmother and a designer, gourmet mother, cooking is just in my blood. My first real job was with Dean & Deluca where I used to long to get behind the counter and cook with the chefs... eventually I worked every counter in that place... anyway all to say food is precious to me, it interests me and it ministers to me. HA!

Some of my combinations were:
Herring, creme fraiche, caviar, caramelized onions and fresh basil 
Cambozola Blue Cheese (Camembert Gorgonzola hybrid) prosciutto, strawberries, fresh basil and balsamic reduction

For dinner our chef made pan seared scallops over white creamed polenta, slow roasted grassfed pulled beef with roasted okra, greens and topped with peach slaw. I feel another tear coming on just thinking about it. ok, get it under control anna.
We had homemade peach ice cream with candied spiced peanuts and carmel sauce for dessert, and I went to bed happy and in love with God after a night like that.

Have I completely weirded you out? You can tell what I'm passionate about.

tomorrow it's class time and photo shoots.

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