Sunday, April 10, 2011

From Yard to Table... backyard flowers

Guess how much this little arrangement cost me? $1.00 I found the vase last weekend with some girls at a garage sale and then me and Isabel went out and picked some flowers in the back yard. That's right, my 10 month old help make this... well, she held and sprinkled while I trimmed. 

One great thing I learned from my days working for Fiore Flowers, (Who by the way still does amazing weddings, contact me if you want details) is adding greenery from around your yard in your flower mix. Obviously you don't want to cut just any branch, but being creative and finding beautiful things to clip around your home and creating a hand-picked bouquet is so fun and rewarding... and a cheap way to brighten your space.

And I'd say that's a pretty cute little arrangement for a 10 minute stroll through the bushes! (Minus the leaves that were eaten by some leaf-eater.)


Jess Gatlyn said...

ah! i'm gonna go do this today! thanks anna.

Lorni said...

beautiful! and isa is so cute!!

Anne Yang said...

Wow, these flowers are beautiful! Pink / rose / fuchsia is a favorite!