Thursday, April 21, 2011

Food & Home Recipe: Gouda Fried Spinach Eggs & Lemon Asparagus

I was so inspired by my own Easter Brunch outfit, I decided to make up a little brunch recipe for myself. It turned out perfect... It took 7 minutes tops to create!

Gouda Cheese
Sour Cream
Hot Sauce

(trim asparagus ends)
Sauté Asparagus in butter OR olive oil with a little salt & pepper
Set aside on plate, squeeze half a lemon on asparagus

crack 2 eggs on buttered or oiled hot pan surface
flip when side begins to sizzle appropriately
shave gouda cheese on cooked side - it will melt and slide a little creating a delicious crunch to the egg.

throw spinach on the SIDE of the egg on the pan

assemble eggs & spinach over asparagus
garnish with sour cream, salsa verde, hot sauce (optional).

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Liv Szari said...

Yummo! My mouth is watering! This looks delicious!! You came up with this recipe yourself? I may just have to try this soon! =)