Monday, January 14, 2013

Simple Pleasures

We don't necessarily need pretty things to survive, but sometimes the small details make average living feel special. 

I thought I'd share a few favorite things that have made my days a little brighter. 

I have always hated perfume smells- because often they make me sick. Some of them instantly make me dizzy and nauseous. And then other times, something smells good in the bottle but doesn't mingle with my personal scent... I'm serious. But anyway, recently I was in one of my favorite shops in Charleston and discovered a smell that made me kind of swoon. And I kind of feel like a woman when I wear it.

Speaking of Swoon... I promise that pun wasn't intentional, but it's awesome... I have a new favorite necklace... I mean I will wear it with everything I have if I can. I LOVE love this necklace. It was handmade from Kim Dean of Swoon . She doesn't have her new stuff up yet, but if you want a custom design I can't tell you how amazing her artwork is- and how special this necklace makes me feel.

This summer I had the absolute pleasure of studying under Chef, Stylist, Food Writer and Photographer Aran Goyoaga. I am still inspired daily by her and what I've learned, and luckily a few months after her book released I can continue learning from her at home. So I've been cooking my way through her book Small  Plates & Sweet Treats, that you can purchase online or at Anthropologie. And I've been letting her inspire me to practice every day, my kind of styling and story-telling through food. And I've been using her recipes to try new variants and practice on my friends. 

So there you go, my small pleasures and new inspirations. What are yours?

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