Thursday, January 3, 2013

rituals with tea

One thing I am hoping to do in 2013 is daily attempt to spend some quiet contemplative time alone. I only drink coffee or espresso for special moments out of the house etc... But my so very thoughtful friend Jess, gave me a birthday gift that's making these special moments exciting with a new morning ritual. 

She gave me a Teavana kit with several delicious loose teas to enjoy. At first I thought, I'd never use it- after all I have an entire drawer of English teas I never drink. but I decided to make it my precious morning brew- that's healthy too- no cream and sugar. But if I do want a little sweetness it came with this amazing German rock sugar that gives a perfect amber flavor. at least that's what I think.

My favorite kind is the Mate Vena- which is like a South American deep almost cigar- vanilla tasting drink. It makes me feel earthy and manly when I drink it- in a good way. 

So I thought I'd share my new little morning treasure.

cheers! to morning and taking time to simmer.

thanks Jess...


Carolyn C. said...

I love this. I drink tea every day. There is an amazing new tea shop in Boone (shocking I know!). I recently got 2 new types of black tea. 1 was infused with coconut. The other infused with chocolate and orange. These are my special occasion drinks! Beautiful images and the rock sugar...I must find.

Sara said...

I love love love the mate vena! I also got a new loose tea from a friend for Christmas from a local coffee shop. It takes like a sweet mix of vanilla and chocolate but with an earthy undertone. So delicious and perfect for a cold winter's day. Enjoy your morning ritual!