Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Champagne Beef & Carrot Stew

On New Years Day I had some leftover champagne that I didn't particularly care for. After a few mimosas I decided to slow roast some beef and carrots and make a champagne stew. It was so delicious.

Here's the loose directions:
Brown beef in butter or olive oil, salt & pepper and any other seasonings, ( I think this was bottom round) until all sides are browned and have a nice little edge. This was kind of thrown together so the method wasn't thought out... but so good. I didn't have onions so I used some garlic powder, a bullion cube and some water, carrots and fresh herbs. I cooked half the carrots and beef for hours covered in the oven, checking every once in a while and adding a little champagne and more water if needed. *water only if you use the bullion cube... otherwise you need stock. remember this is so make-shift using what I had.

I took the cooked carrots out and did a little blend in the food processor with a ton of fresh italian leaf flat parsley- totally experimenting and then poured it back into the pot with more uncooked carrots and champagne. I cooked longer until the meat was perfectly tender and carrots cooked. I added more champagne, fresh parsley and served with a dollop of sour cream on top....

With this kind of stew, you can cook it for a long time and the meat just gets more tender. So it's hard to mess up- unless you don't have liquid in the pot... and, as I do with most my cooking- just keep adding alcohol for a rich flavor... if you add too much just a cook it a little and it will quickly lessen it's intense flavor. Also, creme fraiche or sour cream is such a compliment to any stew.

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