Thursday, January 10, 2013

quick chocolate cake with salted brown sugar cream filling

I was in a hurry... I needed to make something for Christmas and the experimenter in me won't allow just a plain cake. So this is what I whipped up.

cake mix + can of sprite (bake as usual) oh and I ran out of eggs so this was bravely made with only 2 eggs- it would probably fluffy and delish with the proper egg

salty brown sugar filling
butter, salt, whole milk, brown sugar
whisk on stove until bubbly and carmel color (might need to sit a bit to thicken)

whipped cream
whip you some heavy cream (no sugar)

bake cake, slice center ( an old trick I learned was using fishing line- slices right through that sucker easy)

pour brown sugar carmel on bottom layer (let cool down a minute)
heap whipped cream on top (as much as you'd like)

layer the top, dust with powder sugar and pretty things.


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