Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Summer Swim Suits

Guess what y'all... I'm going to the beach again. This time just for fun. no work... (well maybe one shoot) but still. I'm cramming in a house with a bunch of hot moms and their little babies. Should be really relaxing ;). So I last minute eagerly began looking for a bathing suit because I realized well, mine are so old and not cute anymore- due to all my shape changing over the past several years. I won't have a new suit in time for this trip... but these are some that I think are so cute that I'd love to own.

They are all from ASOS... a place I frequently browse online. They have a lot of European designers I like that I can't find in stores here and great prices sometimes. That orange one is my FAV! The only problem is a tan belly makes me feel skinnier even if I'm not going to wear a tube top ever? Does anyone else feel that way?

Don't worry. You can count on me for beach pictures. I'll have an island wedding up soon!


jessie said...

i want that green one with the belt!

elisabeth said...

and hot, single, childless women. ;)

Kaci said...

After 2 kids I've decided I need to put to rest the bikini. Maybe some day I'll have a tight enough tummy to wear one. Till then I got this one.