Saturday, May 12, 2012

Dreamy Beach Babes

Seen above: Isabel, Yaden, Arrow & Wilder

So I didn't have the chance to really take any photos on my recent baby mamma (and one hot single lady) trip. But one day I brought out my camera for a quick second and this happened. There were so many beautiful moments I wish I was able to photograph... but I kind of have a fear of baby + sand + wet + camera. But these little beauties definitely stole my heart this weekend... and I'm slowly warming up to the idea of future children... way down the road, thanks to Melinda and her sweet little blonde babies seen above.

ahem. way down the road.

Taken at Folly Beach.


Charis Hill said...

such baby models all of them! way down the road is good... i want people to still be having babies when i get around to it.. so that makes me happy ;)

Mary Ellen Skye said...

Such sweeties! Some of the prettiest Little girls & handsome little boys ☺