Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Squashbuckler Birthday

My friend, Jess Gatlyn asked me to document her son's first birthday party, a pirate themed soirée. She did such an amazing job styling this event and making it so fun for all the kids! It makes me so excited about summer time that's right around the corner. I thought I'd show this fun little party to get everyone excited about the hot weather coming our way.

A few cute details: all the themed food, and she made pirate treasure maps for all the children to go on a hunt! It was such a great day.

Summer is almost here!


Lorni said...

ahhh all our babies were such babies then! so crazy how fast they grow up.

boka said...


Kristina said...

This is kinda breaking my herr cause all the babies are so big now! And Jess should really be an event designer. Amazing.

Sara said... SO much fun!! I'm in the midst of planning a 1st birthday ladybug extravaganza. This gets me excited to celebrate with the kids :)Great job, Jess!

Amanda Jean said...

WHOA!! So...first - epic! Love it!

Second: I know the woman in the picture under the adorable clam cookies! The one in the two-toned grey dress!! No idea how...I just do! Very small world!