Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Snow Drift Music Mix (free gifts for everyone)

Christmas isn't the only time for giving! If you were around this summer, you experienced the music creation Blake & Dan created: a sizzling summer soundtrack for all of you to enjoy. AND now that it's winter... they're at it again! I still listen to my summer mix, so I am so excited to have a new winter one to share with you.

Check out the details below. It's a great day for winter music and it's all yours for free!

How this project came to be...

Winter music mix collaboration between filmmaker H. Blake Edwards (@hbedward) and graphic designer Dan Romanoski (@DanIsMoney)

We had fun collaborating on a mix we did together this past summer, so we went for it again this winter using the same process. We flip a coin to see who handles the first half of the mix and who handles the second. Dan won the toss and chose the first 7 songs and designed the “Snow” portion of the cover art while I (Blake) chose the last 7 songs and designed the “Drift” portion of the cover art. We chose our songs and designed our pieces completely independent of one another and then brought everything together this week to see what we had created and to share with everyone. I thought we came up with something really fun and winter-centric. The most pleasant surprise was how we both ended up incorporating diamonds in the center of our cover art halves. Not planned Such a cool design coincidence. Really tied the cover art together.

Dan: I'm not a huge fan of winter. It's cold. My knuckles dry out and bleed, so it hurts. But when I picked out these songs I was in the Bahamas with my family on a Christmas cruise, enjoying the sun and 80 degree temps. My song selection was heavily influenced by that mish-mosh of things.

Blake: I'm not the biggest fan of Winter. To me, the cold weather and leafless trees in Winter represent a process of death and sleep that makes room for the new and different of Spring. It's not the most comfortable process, but is often necessary to bring about change. And you always appreciate Spring more after bitter cold that makes your fingers and toes hurt. My collection of songs follows that process. The last push of Fall, reflection on everything that made the past year what it was, the hard process of dying to self, and the hope of new life that Spring will bring out of that process.

click the link below for directions to your new free winter music mix. Enjoy!

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