Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Heat Project

Has this heat gotten you down? Well if it has, or even if it hasn't ;), I have a cool summer treat for you today and it's FREE for everyone!! Hooray!!! 

So here's the story. Two friends and co-workers, a graphic designer and a producer, decided to conspire a musical project together to create a fun summer mix! But what they didn't do is talk to each other about it. Dan seen on left, chose the first seven song of the mix and Blake, seen on right, chose the last seven songs. Then they both created half of a piece of cover art for their mix and revealed their treasure... Voila! 
SUMMER HEAT lives! And now they are here, in virtual spirit, to share their awesomeness with you!

So Dan & Blake, tell me about this project...

I thought it'd be a cool experiment in creativity between a filmmaker and a graphic designer who both appreciate music and like to doodle, to collaborate on a mix with accompanying cover art together. We would each choose 7 songs a piece as well as individually create half of the cover art based on the title "Summer Heat". We purposely didn't listen to each other's songs or see the other's artwork until the day we threw everything together and released it, which made the final product really exciting. We fervently shook hands in agreement with our success.

Blake asked if I wanted to do a mix with him. I really enjoy sharing the music I like with people, and also creating moods by placing songs next to each other that might not otherwise be heard in the same context. It’s a lot of fun to make and kind of helps to capsulate a certain season of life for me. But in the end, I really did it because I thought it would be fun to do with Blake.

What inspired your song choices?

From Blake...
Summer always reminds me of hot car seats, staying up too late, and sweating, so I chose my songs accordingly. I wanted to create kind of a "driving around, ice melting in drinks, having too good a time getting way too sweaty dancing way too close to that one girl in a way too crowded room " mood. I had no idea what Dan would pick song-wise since both our musical tastes are so broad. The more I listen to the mix, the more I really enjoy the juxtaposition we accidentally created between our respective set of songs and the progression of moods they evoke. It'll be fun to see how people respond and what unique things it brings up in them. We hope everyone has fun with it above anything else.

From Dan...
I sort of know Blake’s taste in music and had an idea that he might choose some upbeat songs, so I thought it would fun to do something a little more somber and chill. I had the idea of reflective summer nights on the porch in the back of my head; but picking songs that I had been listening to recently and also flowed together was more important. I was also hoping that it would contrast nice with whatever Blake picked.

Let me tell you all the reasons I love this so much.

1. I love music.
2. I love free things.
3. I love collaborations. I mean really love it. I am such an independent girl when it comes to everything (and a bit of a creative controller) that I so appreciate two creatives coming together to make something!
4. Everyone gets to share the love! It's like Oprah's favorite things! 

Now this brings me to the next part... this probably won't be the last time you see Blake here on the project, cause he's always doing cool things worth mentioning. 

In the spirit of summer fun and all things creative here's what you have to do to get your free treat! 
First you'll probably want to follow Dan & Blake on Twitter...

And then you might want to check out more of what they're doing here...

H. Blake Edwards: Film & Television Director/Producer/Editor (recent fun video projects)

Dan Romanoski: Graphic Designer (design portfolio)

You can find your free download link on my Facebook FanPage and you can get your new summer tunes immediately! 

Feel free to share with us your favorites on the mix!

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