Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Design Find: Kimi & Li Bikini

I'm so excited to introduce a new designer find, Kimi & Li Bikini! Kimi & Li, authored by designer Lisa Dorian, is a baby girl bathing suit line sewn on the shores of Hawaii.

Modeling the "bows" design today is my darling Isabel. When I put this cute little suit on her and went to the beach, she got so many compliments. I can remember when I was little I wanted a bathing suit with side cutouts so badly. Now, my little girl is living my bathing suit dreams and she doesn't even know it.

And for your viewing pleasure I took a little video of her exploring in her Kimi & Li original.

Check out Lisa's store, who doesn't love a little baby bikini? It will be shipped to your door with love from Hawaii. If you are interested in your own Kimi Li, use the promo code thecolorfullivingproject in the checkout discount code area to receive a 20% discount!


Kayla said...

How adorable is that?

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jessie said...

can't. handle. the cuteness.

Carolyn Clark said...

I don't have a baby and am not pregnant...is it wrong that I want to buy this for the future. Thanks for sharing!

anna naphtali said...

Carolyn, not weird at all, I love them too! I want a collection of them!

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