Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Poolside Baby Shower!

Delicious food catered by: The Midnight Rooster You HAVE to visit if you're ever in Hartsville, and any neighboring cities should definitely consider their food for any event. AMAZING.

Event planned, decorated and crafted by: Jessie W. Mathis.

Venue: Camp Canaan: poolside! Also, an awesome venue and camp in Rock Hill, SC.

Do you remember my friend and fellow traveler Caitlyn from my winter excursion to San Francisco? Well she was pregnant that whole time. She was such a trooper that whole trip and now she's getting close to the end of her pregnancy and I'm so excited to be a part of little Matlida's shower recently! We cannot wait to meet this little girl!

So this was the most non-traditional FUN shower ever. We had frozen margaritas, delicious food, cupcakes and cake (my kind of party already), presents, Hawaiian hair flower pins for everyone, and a late afternoon lazy-talk in the pool! What a treat! Jessie did a fantastic job! (duh) And all the little helpers and friends put together such a great party. AND I want my own "margarita man".

Funny story about the margarita man, when Jessie told me she was getting one for this shower I thought, won't that be awkward to have this guy there making margaritas for everyone? Little did I know it's a machine, a wonderful frozen filled machine!

Part 2 tomorrow! We get in the pool!

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Charis Hil said...

anna these pictures are beautiful!! i love love love them.
also, that margarita man story just made me laugh out loud.
i pictured a man in a hula skirt offering us mini umbrella's for our drinks..