Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Milk Tales.

When I was little I used to have a small obsession with cream. Maybe because it was only meant for my mother’s coffee or that it came in a smaller box, or because I wasn’t supposed to have it. But I had a secret ritual. I used to climb on top of the counter and get one of my dad’s shot glasses from his small collection on the shelf and pour a tiny shot of half and half or full cream if we had it, and take tiny little sips crouched on the counter reveling in my surreptitious moment.

Although I have never been much of a milk drinker since, in fact in times I have been quite intolerant, there still remained a mysterious intrigue for this cup of mystery. As an adult I always wanted to taste whole- real milk, freshly farmed from the cow (I know big dreams right?) and one day I found a way to do it. It is actually illegal to sell unpasterized or “Raw” milk in NC so you have to purchase it from SC farms. I heard about a milk truck that meets in a parking lot in SC every other Wednesday for different food co-ops etc… so I emailed the place and put in my order. : 2 gallons of whole milk. I drove there early on my fateful day and waited in the parking lot. Since raw milk can't be sold in NC , meeting in the secret parking lot to get my treat made this special. A big truck pulled up and the milk delivery began. I stood in line got my gallons and went home. Did you know that fresh milk usually lasts about 5 weeks? The whole drive I pondered pulling over and taking a sip right out of the container- this was my dream realized you know. But I wanted to wait. I wanted to see it pour in that cup and drink it right.

I got home and poured the tallest glass of milk. It was an off-white color and plumped out like thick slow-moving deliciousness. I drank the whole glass enjoying the first several sips. It was a dream. But soon after my assignation, I was feeling sick. I didn’t know when milk is fresh you have to shake it or else you are drinking STRAIGHT CREAM. Which I had just guzzled a glass of the richest cream ever. The sickness continued and my desire for milk decreased intensely. That was the end of the affair right then and there. I couldn’t even handle looking at it after a few more days. However, occasionally I still want a tall, shaken glass of farm-fresh milk.

This might be the weirdest thing you’ve ever read, or you might want to go pour yourself a glass of milk!

Cheers to milk.

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Ima said...

for me, it's the second one. the first time I saw those milk pictures, I wanted to grab a glass of milk. And by the time I finished reading this, found myself walking to the refrigerator, take that tall bottle of milk, and pour one glass of cold sweet chocolate just for me, and it feels good. haha :)

Lorni said...

oh gag. that does not sound fun! i've been wanting to try raw milk too since they've started selling at the peach stand on 160