Thursday, March 3, 2011

San Francisco or Bust: Dynamo Donuts

You know how sometimes you just get something in your head and you can't stop thinking about it? Well, this happened to us. Our friend Blake had mentioned to Jessie this amazing donut shop that she remembered while we were there. It wasn't really near anything we were going to be doing, but all of us could not stop thinking about donuts! So we looked it up, payed for a taxi and several hours later we arrived to the most wonderful place, Dynamo Donuts. These donuts were the best thing I have tasted in a long time... ranking up there as my favorite dessert ever.

This isn't an ordinary donut shop... that donut has exactly what your thinking on it: that's a maple bacon donut. Also, seen above is Guinness Soaked Pear Donut, Orange Ginger, Star Anise Double Chocolate, Spiced Chocolate... they have unique specials every day. DEFINITELY worth the trip.

I got the spiced chocolate donut because I'm obsessed with cayenne pepper and chocolate, and every other spicy thing there is. Dipped in my perfect latte- the best thing... oh gosh I think I'm getting a small tear just thinking about it.

The tragedy of this day is I carefully wrapped a Guinness soaked donut in my bag to bring home to my Joshua carrying it everywhere.... and on the ride home, I was afraid of missing my flight so I dashed off the plane, accidentally leaving my bag of goods under the seat! So I shall just have to return to San Fran to get another, or find a recipe and try to make my own donuts.... I read on their site there are 50 top things to eat before you die... this is one of them. Anyone want to open a franchise in CLT? hmmm...


Leigh said...

Oh my! Those look AMAZING.

Katherine Michael said...

oh my word! My husband would die for the maple bacon donut! Those look de-lish!

Kayla said...

I'm headed to San Fran next month and I will definitely be popping in here. Amazing!

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