Monday, March 7, 2011

Make A List: Monday: Risky Business.

Why you should take more wisely calculated risks!

1. Good things come with change.
2. Change can't happen without a risk.
3. Staying the same, or doing the same thing will only end in the same results.
4. You might be pleasantly surprised by something new.
5. Things happen when you do something about it!

Ok, I hope you have enjoyed these posts of my SF trip! And I hope it inspires you to go somewhere! But in light of this post- I have an announcement. I'm going to take a risk. Ok, it's not that big of a risk.

I love this blog, and can't wait to continue with some amazing new features and projects I've been working on. (and I have been workin') However, I need to take care of some personal things and I have a lot of work to do for wedding season coming up!

SO- I will continue to have posts, updates and announcements BECAUSE I'm going to be featured on some really cool blogs this month, (yay!) BUT I will be taking a step back from intense blogging until April 1st. I know this is risky- especially after such a great following. (thanks everyone) but don't go anywhere, because I'll be back, full-time - with a lot of cool things to show you. But for the next few weeks I won't be posting quite as often.

But you can still be inspired at least every other day... so really it won't be that bad!

Until then, enjoy these pre-arranged posts until I return!!!

And feel free to email me for booking, blogging or whatever questions!

This week... this is where I'll be...

Wednesday I'll show you the finale of the SF mountain hike- you'll like it...


Kayla said...

Don't worry. We'll be here. Can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve.

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Ima said...

yes we will still be here anytime you create a new post. Gonna miss your posts for a while though