Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Favorite Finds: 2010

Favorite Everyday Item: SODA STREAM
I am a soda water fanatic so this year I purchased a soda machine... and I have never been so in love with an appliance. I have the same drink every day: 1/3 cup of Orange, Mango Peach Juice with 1.5 cup of Soda water. I can't live without it. It's a healthy orange soda and I can make it as sparkly as I want. (ask my husband- I'm kinda crazy about it)
You can get one too at Bed Bath & Beyond or Crate & Barrel.

Better than Izze!

Favorite Treat:
Toasted Croissant with Orange Marmalade & Nutella

Favorite Wine:
Thanks to my dear friend Jessie who brought this to me after having my baby; we love this wine, and it's a really good deal at Trader Joe's...
Lambrusco White Sparkling Wine. It's sweet and girly.

Favorite Inexpensive find: Forever 21:
Since I have moved through 5 different sizes and back again through pregnancy and after baby, finding clothes was a challenge. But I tell you I couldn't live fashionably and affordably without Forever 21. I wore stretch pants ($4.00) and slit the back while I was a growing preggo, and then they had great yoga pants for after baby (with that little tummy tuck band built in)... and now they have stretchy skinny jeans with a stretch waste, so you can feel skinny but not uncomfortable. I think I spent like $60.00 there after the baby and got a whole Fall wardrobe. So there's my salute to XXI.

Jeggings... $11.50 of course I don't tuck my shirt in when i wear these... the top is too maternity-looking to me.

A new kind of garnish: Arugula
I watched alot of the Food Network this year maybe more than ever. Giada uses arugula in alot of her dishes, and since you can get a pack of it for $1.99 at TJ's I have learned to add this peppery green to everything. At the end of a pasta dish you can throw in a handful raw and it kind of wilts and crunches as I nice alternative to spinach- cause I'm tired of Spinach. :)
I even add it on top of soups, stews etc... to have that nice bite of something green. I made up a a dish based on an Italian recipe and made it for Christmas and it was delicious!

"Apple Pork Roulade". (with wilted arugula) Served with marinara dipping sauce. So easy, so good. (It's going in my cookbook that one day I will print)

Favorite Blog:

Favorite Place to go grocery shopping:

Favorite Snuggler
(this was our sick-week)

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