Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Sparrow Mathis: The bird heard round the world.

If you've visited the little bird button on my blog, then you've seen the story of little Sparrow Mathis, and considering what is going on right now I feel it is only fitting to share my recent photo shoot with her...

Sparrow is close to four months old and has had 2 major and 1 minor surgery on her heart ALREADY, the last one occurred a few days ago. As her parents nervously paced the hallways while their little bird was in surgery I couldn't help but look at her pictures every day and think what courage all of them had! It takes a strong family to endure what they have, and stick together so well, I am so proud of them. (Did I also mention that Jessie, the momma, is my bestie?) If you'd like to read her story and enter the journey of this little family click on the button and visit their blog.

Now enjoy these photos of the little sweet thang, and pray for this little heart to beat forever like it's supposed to!

Love you little girl!

Also, check out this awesome video by Ed Field of Sparrow's baby daddy singing her a song... and visit his website, Mark Mathis , if you want to get more music.

Did I mention Sparrow's parents are Rockstars?

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