Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fashion Inspiration: MANGO

This has nothing to do with Christmas, but maybe you'll want to online shop after you get some Christmas money...

A few months before my pregnancy with Isabel my husband and I were shopping in Paris and I went into one of my favorite international stores, MANGO. (I believe it's from Spain) I purchased some high-wasted jeans and a cute skirt, came home from our trip and found out my extra weight gain was not due to cheese and bread but baby girl! However, I never got to wear my new clothes because they were waiting for Fall, and Fall came and went as I rounded out.

WELL I finally can wear my MANGO jeans (and they don't seem as cute for some reason?- maybe I was excited to buy them because we were in Paris... blah blah).

So I randomly found MANGO online tonight and rekindled my like for this store! I think I like them because it seems a little more grown-up than your typical Urban Outfitters but more Euro than the Gap. Anyway, here's to fitting into my jeans!

For a high fashion store, their sales are really great, and cheaper than anthropologie... ;) Here's a board of sale items I am digging. I love those shoes.

But speaking of style... I was looking at some upcoming fashion trends and I'm a little nervous. It was long Amish looking skirts, socks with sandals and nude neutrals (which are really hard to pull off without the right skin-tone) Anyway, this alarmed me a little, but then again I still don't like stone-washed jeans so I'm sure I'll get over it (but I won't be wearing long ankle skirts... I just can't, it will remind me of my Malaysian Missionary days).

These are actually kind of cute, but pose a problem for my constant secretly mis-matched socks under my boots! Will you wear socks and sandals?


Hailey said...

Cute stuff! You sound so cool... "Oh yeah, you know, when I was shopping in PARIS..." :)

I saw those long skirts. I can't do it either. I think we've been scarred. Socks with sandals? No, my feet get too hot. :)

Charis Hil said...

hahah.. yeah.. my socks never match.. and there are usually holes where my big toes are.

so that would be a no.

Maureen said...

o thought a department store here sold some mango clothes.. or maybe its going to. i cant remember which one.. i want to say jcpenny? it was cute stuff tho.. :)

kittymclewin said...

i managed to do it the other day with my skinny jeans...socks and sandals, that husband was skeptical. let me just say how excited i am just that he has an opinion. he started loving watching project runway with me when it first came out (he says it's because it's competition based on real talent...and it probably brings him back to the days i was laboring in the textiles room at college with him keeping me awake)anyhoo....i think i rocked it okay with the betsey johnsons he got me for christmas.

anna naphtali said...

Maureen, I think it's a different brand, I will have to look into it! :)

Kitty send a picture! You can't go wrong with Betsy Johnson!