Wednesday, June 10, 2009

First Stop, England

As soon as we settled into England I woke up to the sound of clanking China. "Do you want some tea, and perhaps a biscuit?" chimed our hostess, Mary; and I remembered why I love this country so much! I love having tea 3 times a day. I love dipping little cookies in my perfect English tea cup, and taking a moment to sip away morning, day and evening. (Of course I realize I can have tea here 3 times a day, but it's just not the same... and I'd probably have some weight issues because I like lots of cream and sugar.) Although, I did bring more tea home so I will be carrying on the tradition here. Come over, and I'll pour you a cuppa'. Here is my favorite tea... as you can see I have 3 boxes.

Speaking of tea... look at these cute anthro blowfish tea cups.

Our trip to England was incredible. There's too much to tell, you're just going to have to ask me about it. On to the next stop.

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