Friday, June 19, 2009

Cheers to Summer!

Because it's hot as you know what out side, and I'm photographing the lovely Kate's wedding tomorrow in 97 degree heat, (Kate don't you worry girl, sometimes sweaty weddings are the best because everyone lets loose) I thought I'd do a little post to my favorite summertime baby picture I took last year. This is the adorable Sophie Dove. (one of the cutest names i've heard) I love her little leggies and stripey bikini bottoms. Don't you just want to get on a slip-in-slide somewhere! Do they even have those anymore? Let's find out and have a slip-in-slide party!

Also, you might notice some music chiming in today. Well I added some jingle to my site. These sounds happen to come from my wedding (originally the sound track of Amelie). My processional felt like a carnival movie dance, I still get a little emotional thinking about it.

Anyway, cheers summertime- you are officially in Carolina heat. And to make all the summertime brides feel better about their sweltering weddings and because my wedding music is playing, here's a few messy pics of sweaty people getting down at my wedding. (and yes I breakdanced (not sure if that's proper English) in my wedding dress!) pictures courtesy of the fabulous Wide-eyed Photography.
Some boys dancing.
My groom dancing.
me break-dancing

my girls dancing