Thursday, May 7, 2009

Feature on Indie NC

I was recently featured on a blog called Indie NC as a "through the lens" artist. (Which is a really cool site about Indie things happening in NC). They featured some photos of some pictures I took on a trip to New Zealand. This one is called "Town of the Hobbits".

Here's another I found when I was deleting files in my system. These are Mauri Warriors, they were really coming at me in this photo. This was taken a long time ago with my first real Digital SLR camera.
I love the Mauri people. This was probably one of the most moving ceremonies I have ever been a part of. When a "new" tribe is wanting to be-friend another tribe they come with a song and a leaf to represent coming in peace. Then the tribe (pictured here) comes at you to scare you with these incredible warrior dance moves to make sure you are serious about joining. Then if they receive your offering of peace a woman sings out beckoning you to come in, and then every member stands in a line and leans their forehead one another and takes a long inhale together. This is to "share one breath" together as God is a breath... inhaling the presence of God. Then you share a meal, which is typically a pit roasted pig- island style. - This was one of the highlights of my life.

Speaking of Travel pictures. I also entered a contest with Budget Travel Magazine. Want to see some pics from my honeymoon last year (and a half)? I'll let you know if I win.

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