Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Catching up on Spring

I told you I was catching up. So this spring I have been a little busy doing Springie type things along with the thousands of other things we've been up to. One thing I have been doing is working in the garden. On our trip to Asheville last year, which I blogged about, we tasted the most amazing heirloom tomatoes I have ever had. So, this year I ordered special heirloom seeds and started them from their little pod bodies. I hope to have dreams of tomatoes this summer!

Sometimes when my husband is a good boy, he does the right thing: bring me flowers. And I have to say, I forgot that I love tulips. After he came home with these in hand I feel in love with tulips (and him) again! And these vases, (that were on sale at Target long ago) are my favorite for flowers. toodaa.

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