Friday, May 8, 2009

Bellville Fashion Shoot

"Fashion show at lunch, fashion show at lunch." - Kelly from The Office. (season 3) That's what I kept imagining while posting these photos. I've been keeping up with Top Model this season, (which believe it or not is extremely helpful to watch for a photographer, to learn how to position and move.) Although they knocked my favorite girl Pho off. Anyway, here's some more fashion! This was a shoot for Bellville Clothing Company. The style of their spring line is kind of urban-asian-island style? That's what I think! The make-up was my favorite part of this shoot. I love the bright colors. Celebrity makeup artist, Nikki Zalanka, accomplished the look of these models. Other than painting Lil' Kim's face, she is also on staff for Vain Magazine.

Some of these girls are particularly fantastic to me; they seem strong and tough but so soft too. I like that dichotomy. I walked away from this shoot with, "the cabana dress"- which is not pictured here, but I have already worn it and love it!

Very serious before the runway.

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Brad and Hailey said...

LOVE this store! I shop there all the time in Birkdale (when I'm not prego). Good job on the pics. They look great!