Sunday, September 2, 2012


I recently went on a trip to Canada for a Culinary, Photography & Styling adventure, but had one day to myself in the city of Vancouver before heading to the glorious mountains of Whistler, BC. Being a mother, whenever I have time to myself I really try to maximize it fully, because it doesn't always happen. Fortunately for my job, I am shooting on location and traveling quite a bit, and though I'm just rushing on a plane and back to get home and be with my little girl, I am happy to squeeze in as much as I can in the between time. So when I had one day in Vancouver I did everything I set out to do and more. I mapped out in advance everything I wanted to eat. Foodtrucks and little Malaysian Cafes were on the agenda... and they did not dissapoint. I went to a few stores that I don't have at home, and I walked to the waterfront, strolled through the Harbor in the rain, watched the seajets take off, got a seafood pouline by the bay and rushed back to the city to try on a coat I might purchase... all on foot. 

I ate at: Jappa Dog: the best Asian hotdog of my life! ( I got a Kobe Beef Dog stuffed with cheese, topped with fried seaweed, sauces and  Fresh, Local Wild: Local seafood truck with delicious amazingness, The Banana Leaf: Malaysian food: They had Roti Chanai, which is a delicious treat I used to eat regularly when I lived in Malaysia- though the curry could have used a touch more flavor.  

I always imagined I would do things like this as a single girl with friends or a husband etc... Experiencing adventures and plotting excursions but I'm finding more and more it doesn't seem that way. It seems that I do these things alone, special little moments between me and God, visiting foreign shores and enjoying the beauty around me... there's so much it feels that only he knows about me. This thought kind of makes me sad at moments, but then at the same time I can smile at any point in the day at those memories, and say, "remember that day?" and I know he does. Maybe one day I'll enjoy the world with someone else. But for now, it's ok that it's this way.

Ok so on to the adventures... the next few weeks are going to be amazing photos so don't miss it.

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beautiful photographs anna.