Thursday, September 27, 2012

Lunch in Brooklyn

In my recent work travels I was able to take my girl-friend, Jessie, on one of my trips. Which was a great decision on so many levels. Normally, when it's just me, often if something seems scary I won't venture out of my hotel room if I have to work all weekend. I know but I'm a tired working mom, right? But after we finished shooting on Long Island, Jessie convinced me to drive through the city to Brooklyn, which I have to be honest, the idea terrified me- driving in Manhattan... but it ended up being the best afternoon ever, meeting for lunch with friends at a delicious little spot called Five Leaves. Everyone got the Ricotta Pancakes that were amazing! But I have a sweet spot for ethnic seafood... so I got the mussels steamed in coconut milk and saffron... garnished with chili & cilantro... I'm still thinking about them.

What a great day, facing my fear of driving in the city, now I can do anything. ;) And I highly recommend this cute little spot for a nice Sunday afternoon. Which after being in Soho, Long Island, and Staten Island I was surprised to find out Brooklyn is my fav!

I mean but who doesn't love an afternoon of pancakes and good company?

 Seen above is a former soul band-mate and drummer extraordinaire friend Tim Morrison, and sweet as pie, Iris- who by the way had light dancing on her face from the window in case you were wondering. ;)

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