Monday, April 2, 2012

What's in your studio?

Introducing new series... "What's in your studio?" Featuring collections and styled groupings of things gathered from my enterprising sector. I can't wait to show you all that I've been working on with this series.

Featured Today: Malaysian Bangles, available in my store, Plumcake, (I really did go on a boat into the jungle and buy these from some sweet old Rungus tribe ladies). A handmade card, from Faith of Great Smitten, sent with sweet words fresh from the shores of England.  Little surprises from Bake it Pretty, Asheville. Photobooth moment from my shoot in Myrtle Beach recently with Yahoo! Baby huckabee, feathers, shells & paper (always). Special notebook from Joy Thigpen handmade from Neither Snow!

The truth is, my home studio looks like a collapsed mess with an overturned couch, spackled walls and things everywhere, but the hope is to be moving into a grand studio coming this Autumn that you can actually come visit and even participate... will let  you know details as it they form!